Impossible Future

by James Milsom

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released June 1, 2018

All songs written and arranged by James Milsom
Drums by Mark Leahy
Piano and some keys by Nathan Gilkes
Strings by Xani Kolak
Additional guitar by Timothy Mitchell
Vocals, guitars, computers and some keys by James Milsom

Recorded and mixed at The Base by Phil Threlfall
Additional recording by James Milsom
Mastered by John Ruberto


all rights reserved



James Milsom Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Impossible Future
Couple of planes
Stop in Dubai
Paratroopers drop
Bags of rice
Colour in common
Whites of our eyes
When they're edible
You don't sever ties

You don't know
What you don't know

Got night vision
See you in the dark
Low light, hallucinations
Tell us, who, you, Are.

Impossible future
Imaginary past

Fight fire with fire
Birds with birds
Earth with water
and hearts with words
If we sink we sink
But if we float
There's a demon in us
So it's our throats
Track Name: Ishi
I see with sight that amazes
I can breathe at heights dizzy
And i'm spinning with the high

The line passing through my street
Bends upon itself, to make complete
The flutter in my chest
My heartspeak is stutters
The others all have been
Nothing more than others
You are the calm that gives me rest

Is she laughing
Seems like we used to laugh at nothing
Should be in the kitchen dancing
Lip-syncing hip hop songs
Sliding down the hallway
Back to where we started from

All of this time,
for my distractions
Enjoying the view
of either side of you
Unsteady in my seat
Let alone my feet
There's so much more to see
either side of sleep
Track Name: Clockface
Half half half measure is enough for me
Pleasure in suffering
Moments in time, i'd rather be

To start, start - the moments unwinding
The treasures i'm finding
To bag, tag, and try forgetting

Two hands
moving on me
my heart
races, erasing
Two hands
moving on me
Wind back
Each discovery

Far far far into the fiction
The belief system
Of false memories

Star star
Show me an instance
Send me a signal
Like a scuba diver
Track Name: Oh, when it's dark
Ohhhh when it's dark
Moments that have passed

A shadow cast by a tree
Dark branches engulf me
I see the daylight moon
And I am divided in two
I tumble into a waterhole
Glowing orbs of yellow keep me afloat
And all around it's cloudy, the violet sky is shrouded
I see my submerged body, but beyond it's darkness

Dawn among the leaves
I'm drawn to a shimmering
A light that never starts
A light that always was

If this all was flipped upon you
Inside looking out to
The ricocheting moments that have passed
Would you sense them coming?
Hear and feel their gentle humming?
Would they set you on such a different path?
Track Name: Switch (I wish you knew)
I feel
Like a telephone wire
From pillars in the sky
On a loop
You get another chance
Travel past
And see again
Where it echoes down the line
Sends a signal, read as a sign

They say truth
washes like it's fluid
Nonsense it's pure
As pretense is proof
And fear is very dear to us
To the stars, a faithful compass
Looking up, down, never in or out
A needle to wind the words around

I remember
Must be somewhere
where I can't find it
But if you replace it
Even with just traces
I will believe it
Belief, is all we need, and...
Track Name: Wizard
Is it mine to mess with?
Guess what it's happening
The wizard brings time to start again
Folds it over, threads his needle,
pierces the skin

In the south where I'm from
You could pull me out like the teeth from my gum
I hung papers from a mast
On a strong wind to sail backward
Now the finest forest threads
Blowing over our heads

Slow down
Just say so and then it's
Home now
And let's pretend

In the south where I'm from
I said guess what, it's happening
Was it mine to mess with?
And the wizard took out his needle again
Track Name: Up and up and up and up
There's a train station approaching
Think how did it come to me. that
static is comforting, it's just
A black and white harmony, there's
Nothing like confidence, for
ignoring consequences, and
I think it looks easier, if
You pretend you can't see it.

And I started out, just wanted to levitate
Then at the speed of sound, I started to spin away
If I look down, it really doesn't seem far
So now i'm going up and up and up and up

I took off my coat, and
it was easy to float, up from
This room underwater, where
I'd been before, to wait
For all of my memories to
Be erased entirely, they say it's
swimming around me, di-
luted by the whole sea
Track Name: Say see
The dew settles, the colours come out
And the river is energy, pushing atoms to the mouth
Would have a kinder disposition,
Had it any memory.

The sediment sours the cool water,
Tinges its depths with a deep murky lustre,
As if to cover old footsteps.
There are secrets kept within,
Where hearts have traveled, and lungs let the water in.

We don’t say what we all see.
It’s standing right before us, the breadth of the street.
It’s in our mothers and our fathers and in every syllable we speak.
It’s the white on every page that populates our history.

The bluestone is weathered on the bluestone walk.
The overhanging darkness is strangled by the saxophone’s squawk,
And the silent erosion beneath the bluestone blocks.
The motion rocks the city, though it’s no Shanghai.
We’ve a far surer footing but we never build as high.
We’re dredging the ocean floor.
I guess the lower we’re plunging, the further it feels to the sky.
Track Name: Mission
If this is a mission
It could be ever incomplete
I am a foot soldier
Forever staring at my feet
Is it getting colder?
Maybe my heart has ceased to beat
Maybe I know you
Maybe you know me

If I was a wizard ohh
I'd put the charm in charming
Looking in the mirror ohhh
Would be so disarming
Not much left for conversation
I'll take what's left unsaid and
I'll probably just say it

I could be the happiest human
Light in my eyes
When darkness is looming
If it gets better than this
I don't want to know about it

I'm flying faster than the speed of post
I'm not even trying
Or at least not as hard as most
In a church hall
Where the bush is burning red
I'm sleeping solo
In a karma sutra bed

There's nothing like wanting something
Burning so hot
Something in wanting nothing
To tell you who you are
All this time I've been working on a theory
If I keep my eyes shut I can see more clearly
Track Name: Quiet in you
Hope was never akin to me
Never wrote songs about nothing goes wrong
State was never unwavering
Foundations laid before the mind got mind
No it's nothing like suffering
Succotash meaning escapes me
Nothing really happening
You can free your mind but you'll never be free

If youuuuuu
think you can't fight it
Like hasn't everything already been worked out?
You can't cast a shadow in the darkness of doubt
Who could be tired
Every conversation that you ever, ever had
Black and white static like an old TV set
There's a quiet in you

Teeth contain my identity
With these gums from some dead American
Seek a sense of belonging
Who you belong to or who belongs to you
A cross, a star, the hottest hell fire
Triangle roof makes it reach up higher
Move the spirit within me
Telekinesis would truly inspire

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